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Job Detail

Industry : Construction
Division : Other
Country : Oman

Job Description

GRP Laminator: Glass Reinforced Plastic Laminator, basic discipline in composite manufacture- being able to prepare tooling as required with specified release system, able to prepare and use Polyester or Vinyl ester Gel coat’s, resins  and adhesives, have knowledge with MEKP catalysts and mix ratios or be able to follow instruction of their usage, have knowledge of basic fiber glass materials and preparation as specified for components in progress by using hand lay up technique, be able to de-mold components without causing damage.
Composite Laminator: Conversant with the use of Epoxy related tool sealers and release coatings, resin systems, surface coatings, adhesives, core materials, conversant with FRP fabrics and exotic reinforcement materials such as Kevlar, Carbon, Basalt, Hybrid and E or S glass. Ability to understand laminate plans and execute either by manual hand layup-consolidation and or utilizing mechanical wet out machines and have experience with vacuum stack materials for vacuum bag consolidation, able to understand and perform post curing process as per resin system requirements, maintain IPC/QC documents for all components made.

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